"Does Jeremy Do Tattoos?"

The answer is no, but yes. Jeremy receives numerous requests a week and if he said yes to them all, it would be all he did. 

So, he has come up with a system. Your options are: 
1. Find something close to what you like in the instagram feed, the facebook archive or here, take it to your tattoo artist, and have them adapt it to your size and needs at no charge (paypal or venmo tips are appreciated). Our only request is some social media love. Show it off. Unless it doesn't look good, then keep it to yourself.
2. Fill out the form below and submit your order and you will receive an emailed invoice when space opens up. For payment you can use any credit card and you do NOT need a paypal account. The minimum order is $1000.00 USD. This is for anything from a small ornate bird to an arm sleeve in scale. Any larger in your description and you will receive a quote for the work.
1000.00 covers:
• 1 email confirming your details, and questions if any are needed
• 1 original sketch awaiting your approval/adjustments
(Adjustments will be made in the final. Any further adjustments are made by your tattoo artist, not Jeremy. 
Again, you get ONE ROUND of adjustments.)
• 1 emailed 300 dpi (high resolution) file upon completion to print or email immediately to your tattoo artist.
• AND- Your original signed art shipped to you ready for framing! 
This is 11x17" or less, and arrives flatpacked

Name *
Be extremely detailed here. You want a bird? What kind? You want fire? How big? Describe placement in detail, for instance: "I want a tree, four inches wide at it's base, starting at my belly button and 12 inches wide at it's top, no more than 15 inches tall. I want it to be a gnarled Bristlecone Pine, with green foliage, and a color field for the sky."
Coloring Style *
Shipping *
Requested Delivery Date (not guaranteed)
Requested Delivery Date (not guaranteed)
Average turnaround time is one month
OPTIONAL: upload a doodle of the art you want in it's shape, or draw it on yourself and take a picture. Upload it somewhere and drop your link here.
Is there anything extra you'd like to add?