First they were drawings that became poems, then songs. Human.Kind is an ongoing collection. Jeremy and musician Tres Altman have since collaborated on an EP of the first four, available for download by itself or with a 11x17 print of The Giver. 10% of your purchase will be donated to Mercy Corps, transforming lives around the world. 
Enjoy Listening to the tracks below for free. 

I have not a lot

But More than some

I have enough

For More than one

I have a roof,

I have a hat,

I have time...

I'll give you that.

I have this Thing...

You seem to need.

I'll get more,

Don't worry about me

For The more we give

The more we get.

The less we keep,

The less we fret.

We feel most full,

Giving to someone.

I have not a lot But More than some.


You are broken pieces,

Seen right through,

Faint the shadow,

Previously you.

You are nothing left-

Skin and bone.

You are weeds and leaves,

All overgrown.

You are shattered windows,

Broken bricks.

Your brilliant shimmer Fell to sticks.

But I am here;

Let's build you back.

Piece by piece

We'll close the gaps.


I have a dream,

All have a choice.

I have a dream,

All share their voice.

I have a dream,

Now, free at last.

I have a dream,

Our struggles past.

I have a dream,

Let freedom ring.

I have a dream,

Our creed redeemed.

I have a dream,

The world as one.

I have a dream,

Thy kingdom come.

I have a dream,

My chains fell off.

I have a dream, Our bridge to cross.

I have a dream,

Soul-force be heard.

I have a dream,

Win our wars... with words.


I don't know you

You don't know me

We're just foreign walking mysteries

Those words you say

The way you talk

That way you dress

The way you walk

I don't know you

Or where you're from

What you eat

How far you've come

The battles you've fought

How few you've won

The oceans you've crossed

Or the things you've done

Are your bones white like mine?

Do you bleed red too?

Tell me how do you say your name again.

Tell me your dreams,

What you hope to do?

What do you live for;

what's your point of view?

Whats inside there,

Beneath the shell of you?

I don't know you

But I'm willing to try I

'm ready to listen

Let me inside.