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I keep thinking I will have time to sit and write a story about suffering through another 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell, but I cant seem to find the time.  "Hell" is an endurance climbing competition in northern Arkansas. Here's a wrap up of how Tommy and I survived.

thanks to Lucas Marshall for the pic in our post comp suits.


Miles For Marley

Today my family and I went and visited our friend Marley as we have often in the last couple months.

She is on her 54th day in Childrens Mercy Hospital, after brain surgery, a stroke, a blood transfusion,  many ups and downs, and now... immense hospital bills. This beautiful and inspiring 18 month year old has been through a lot, and many of us are trying find ways to help her parents Brent and Nikki deal with the financial aftermath.

October tenth is a walk in Liberty Mo. to help raise funds. I encourage all in town to join them for the walk(I will in fact , sadly,  be out of town).

If you can't walk, pick up a shirt I designed and help out.

I'll sweeten the pot- If you order a t-shirt, or do the walk, let me know, and I'll hook up a 20% discount on any print or canvas reproduction ordered from my online store.


Nature Doesn't Hurry

Heads up on two designs of mine over at PrAna-

One is based on my sculpture work, where nature is overtaking the mechanical and structured world-

Photo by Brad Smith

The second is inspired by the Lao Tzu poem-
Nature Doesn't Hurry


All is Accomplished

This particular tree drawing inspired a series of paintings in which the tree roots adapt and thrive showing the layers of earth beneath, as the roots wind through tires, steel pipes, debris, and waste.

Both drawings are ink on paper and the originals are available.

Weddin' Art

I had the great honor to be asked by my good pal Andy Chasteen to paint at his wedding last weekend in Arkansas. It was a 12 minute flurry of paint and beats while friends Steven Charles and Jason Roy jammed out on guitar and didgeridoo as people were being seated.

photo by Lucas Marshall

Trashy Logo

quoted from prAna.

A couple years ago, we ran into climber and artist Jeremy Collins, on his hands and knees in Vail, Co. building a monstrous sculpture out of a huge pile of outdoor sports equipment he picked up at the Denver landfill. (yes, we said “landfill”).

We were familiar with his work, but had never seen him working live, let alone in 3D!

We asked him to take on a special project, building our prAna logo out of similar found objects.  He took a few measurements, sent some teaser images, then showed up at our offices in north San Diego, sunny California  with a single suitcase.

From it he pulled a few simple tools, and installed the sculpture of our logo that hangs in our entryway.  Connected with various screws, welded points and beneath folds of metal are random pieces of climbing protection:
- a cam
- carabiner
- nut
- re-purposed road signs
- two skateboards
- and various refuse found at climbing crags and in landfill transfer stations in the Denver area

One man’s trash is another man’s… priceless logo artwork.

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