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howdy big world. Teaching at the art institute has been entertaining this semester. I'm not sure if my students are learning more than I am, but I am sure it's close.
Our first assignment was to enter the Threadless competition for the end of the year. I joined them for the assignment and entered three shirts. Would love to get your vote, comments and promotion for the big 10k prize. Plus its a fun waste of time to cruise all the entries!
go here-
A Perfect Score - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

And Here-
Cliche', Touche', Passe', Ole'! - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

and my third entry is already done scoring-
Mullet War - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More


IF you haven't seen me post here for a few months it's because I have been hanging out on facebook. I am still trying to make sense of that space, and it's purpose... but if you are not a fan over there yet... check it out...

Threehouse visit from Ink magazine


Behind the Scenes

Yo faithful viewers.

Check out this short film showing a behind the scenes peek into how Border Country was conceived and completed.

Thanks to Photographer Andrew Michael and producer & editor David Huffman for their hard work in making this little slice of ThreeHouse exposure...

Also, keep an eye out for Kevin, Kristen and I showing our signature dance moves...

The Making of Border Country from Jeremy Collins on Vimeo.


Border Country


My film Border Country is online!

Many thanks for help in creating the film goes to Kevin Howdeshell, Kristen Howdeshell, David Huffman, Mike Schaefer, Mike Crawford, and Kristo Torgeson!

Also, thanks to the Bands- Oriole Post, Rue Royale, and Brad Barr.

Watch the film  HERE>