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A bike-ride to the studio on a perfect day really starts it off right.
I realized I was smelling something the whole way.

Our olfactory senses are said to be our strongest sense of memory.  Nosestalgia, if you will.
On my ride I smelled:

The dying leaves on Walnut street.

The dying Walnuts on Mcgee street.

A dead squirrel on 36th street.

My friend Gregory roasting beans at Oddly Correct.

My friends at Zum Bar cutting soap.

A man in a parked car smoking weed.

A man in a orange vest removing weeds.

Exhaust from a city truck.

Dust from a leafblower at an elementary school.

and finally, hops from the chimney at Boulevard brewing.

Have a smelly day!

Store Rising

... like a phoenix from the ashes.
Check out the new online store while we work out the bugs. Thanks for the many emails and requests for prints! Now- go buy some art!

"New Desk"

I am a hoarder. There, I said it. I was raised to be frugal and to be smart in spending money on anything I didn't need to.  This can lead to a lot of problems in every day life, especially when something gets broken, needs repair, or even still works, sort of.  My 1980 VW vanagon once had a starter go out, so instead of buying a new one, I rigged a string under the car that pulled a wire across the starter ( I obviously know nothing about cars).

This string then went up into the car, and I would just climb in and pull it to start. Kind of like a premeditated hot-wire, I guess. Anyways, dudes thought it was cool... my girlfriend thought it was stupid.  "Why not just buy a new starter!?"  She still asks the same kind of questions after 10 years of marriage.

So... Last night, I was reorganizing my studio after a christmas party, and my desk basically fell in half.  That same girlfriend from above bought me this desk, some ten years ago. She's a smart girl and got sick of seeing me work on the kitchen table (who needs a desk? We have a perfectly good table!).  Anyways, that desk has seen it's fair share of work, over the last  decade, and it's probably time for a new one. I went to get my drill to take the thing apart. I stood there considering how to start.  Then... I got nostalgic, or cheap- it's hard to tell the difference sometimes- and took a different approach.

As a hoarder and an artist, I of course have a pile of random stuff I am "going to do something with some day"... and for my sake- I usually DO end up doing something with them.

I grabbed up a pile of random wood, old windows, doors, and well... whatever, and an hour later, had built a cubicle of sorts, that looks much like a treehouse meets town dump.  Anyways, I have been wanting to do this for years, and the broken table finally pushed me over the edge.  I still have that same desk from my sweetheart, and now... a little privacy.

jer collins desk

jer collins desk cubicle


Today ONLY- 25% off my book INTUIT10N

I chose to do my book INTUIT10N as a "ONE OFF" publishing- they are only printed when ordered.

That's a bummer- it made this 200+ page archive quite expensive... not exactly what I had in mind.

BUT!!! TODAY is offering them at 25% off which is good for you!

And for me too, because as I say in the intro of the book- "...if you not sharing your art with others, then what is the point?"

Here's the code you use at checkout- CYBER305

Here is the book320

Prints Available at MGear and Hello Meridian

meridian logoThanks for all the emails those looking for my print shop. It wont be back up and running for awhile, but for the holiday season, you can pick up a select number of limited run prints at

Under the name "Meridian MapWorks" I have started a company that will deal specifically will my aerial maps of mountainous areas and climbing route topos. I have Mgear owner Paul Fish to thank for distributing these works for me, as well as making the first order for Meridian.

I hope to open the web presence of Meridian in late January which will have a full line of gift products with my map art.  Until then, thank you to those who are joining me in the start of this new adventure by purchasing my first limited run of prints I am so excited to share!l_224268_s06_001